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  1. hayden smith

    Hi Josiah, just started listening to your podcast and its terrific. I am going to start a podcast for the farm I work at, Waldingfield Farm in Litchfield County CT and was just wondering whether you had any tips about equipment, writing scipts, or anything really.

    Thx and I can’t wait to follow your farming through the podcast!

  2. Kathy McClung

    Hi, I’m Kathy with the Emgruppe. We do two outdoor radio shows, similar to those on iHeart Radio, that we use on our smart phone apps. One is Hunt-Fish Radio and is targeted towards the average outdoor men and women. The other is Interstate Sportsman and it is targeted towards the over the road trucker. We have noticed that 80% of our subscribers are interested in family, religion, hunting, fishing, camping, Nascar, golf and football. WE would like to use your podcast free of charge on our radio shows. We beieve your podcasts would be a good fit for our targeted audiences. Please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to sign you up and/or answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

  3. Eric

    I was searching for some farming/permaculture podcasts yesterday (to free me from my torture of staring at a computer all day) and found yours. I just finished listening to your first episode, and from a fellow TSPer and Permies fan, I look forward to listening to the rest of your podcasts and following your journey into farming!

  4. tyler

    I downloaded you planting app yesterday and it doesn’t seem to be functional. Any ideas of what I can do to make it work? It gives me my frost dates but the veggies I check don’t show up on the next page. Please help.

    1. Josiah Garber Post author

      If anyone has problems with this. Make sure there are things that can be planted currently. If it is beginning of winter, there may not be any plants that can be planted even indoors yet.

      Thanks for purchasing the app. I hope you enjoy it! I certainly do.

  5. Brad Davis

    Love the show!! You might want to listen to the beginning of episode 8. You start out the podcast by saying, “Welcome to The Survival Podcast, episode 8”. Maybe Jack would be flattered and then again maybe not.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Matt Brechwald

    Hello Josiah. I just discovered your podcast. You have a lot of content. You are definitely passionate about farming.

    I wanted to write and say that I admire your devotion to farming. I also wanted to inquire about possibly being a guest on your show. I was wondering if the research that I have done for my podcast might be useful to your listeners?

    I really want to reach more small and beginning farmers, and I believe they are in your audience. Would an interview with me about all the different ways to make supplemental income be beneficial to your audience? I do not have any products to sell to your audience or a book to promote. I am just trying to grow my show even further.

    Thank you Josiah. Keep up the good work!


  7. Dave Lehman


    I have been listening to you podcast for a few weeks now. I find it interesting that someone is podcasting in my area. My wife and I live on a small farm in Denver, Pa. We raise pastured broilers, have a small layer flock and this winter I bought 2 American Guinea Hogs for a breeder herd. I have an interest in sustainable ag, and this spring I have started to sell compost that my uncle produces in Holdwood. He uses some dehydrated manure solids, but mustly food waste and corn fodder.

    I know it’s late for the spring gardening push, but I was wondering if I could give you a few bags to try, and then review it on your podcast. I am starting a business called Sustainable Homestead Solutions. Compost is the first of many products and services that I plan to offer.

    Thanks for your podcast

    Dave Lehman

  8. Andrew

    I recently started a free service to help podcasters find new guests for their shows: http://www.PodcastGuests.com.

    I’d be honored if you’d join.

    Once a week, I send out an email featuring podcast guest opportunities. If one is a good fit for you, you can fill out a form and the other podcaster might select you to be on their show (which is a great way to get more listeners for yourself).

    You can also have your podcast featured in one of the emails so that you can find the exact type of guest you’re seeking for your own program.

    I hope you see the benefit of this service. If you’d like to sign up, just complete the form at PodcastGuests.com or send me a note and I’ll add you manually.


  9. Blake

    I would like to know if you might be interested in discussing Agritrue Certification in a future podcast? I have been working with Jack Spirko to launch Agritrue over the last few months and it is ready. Jack and I did a recent podcast discussing Agritrue, which you can listen to here:

    The Agritrue part is towards the end of the episode. The idea behind Agritrue is to get around the problemsĀ of USDA organic by creating a competing standard that accommodates the needs of smaller producers. We based the standard off of permaculture principles, and we hope to spread the use of our certification standard.

    Please let me know if this topic might be of interest for a future podcast. You can reach me at blake@blakedevelopment.net

  10. Anna

    I do not farm but live in a rural farming area. I love listening to your podcasts for they are interesting and match what goes on around here too. Thank you

  11. L H

    I have listened to all of your podcasts. I have enjoyed them all. I grew up on a farm in lower SC, so much of what you discuss I am familiar with. I just retired last May, so am working full time building an urban farm on my 1 acre plot. Since I didn’t want to miss any episodes, I downloaded all of them until I ran into episode 111 this past July/August. I cannot find it anywhere, not even on your website. Why is that? Did something go wrong wih the recording? Have I missed a place to find it? Please advise me where to locate that episode if you can. I normally plant a fall/winter garden, but will have to forego it this season. I find it very reassuring to be able to raise food at a time of year when everything else is dormant. Perhaps there are a few crops you can try? It would be interesting to hear what success you have, especially being so far north.
    Thank you and good luck!

    1. Josiah Garber Post author

      Good catch. I forgot to upload that episode, but have it corrected now. Let me know if you have any problems with it.


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